Friday, February 27, 2015

International Women's Day events are on near you!

Every March 8 for more than a century, millions of people around the world have come together to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8. Here in the US, Oxfam Action Corps members are hosting events that raise awareness and public action in support of women’s efforts to overcome poverty and injustice worldwide. Here's quick look at some of our events, with active links to event pages below the map:

Click the links below for event info!

Albuquerque, NM, Monday March 2nd, 7-9pm Mountain Time.  Come hear an exciting panel of women leaders from our community who inspire doing good for our world!  Click for info

Austin, TX, Sunday March 8th; 2-7pm Central Time. at Darwin's Pub, Austin.  Come all to hear from women musicians and supporters for an Oxfam Jam!

Berkeley, CA, Join us at the Berkeley Women's Film Festival. Click for info.

Chicago, IL, Saturday March 7, 11am Central Time.  Join us for a screening of "No Land No Food No Life" at the One Earth Film Fest. Click for info.

Des Moines, IA. Tuesday, March 10, 6-8pm Central Time. The event "Empowered Women: Protecting Rights and Resources" will feature a networking reception as well as remarks from distinguished women leaders from our community. Click for info

New York, NY, Saturday March 7, 4-6pm Eastern Time.  Join us for a film screening and discussion. Click for info. 

Seattle, WA. Monday, March 2nd, 6pm Pacific Time. Join us for a dialogue between Hannah Owusu‐Koranteng  (Deputy Executive Directo (WACAM), Ghana) and Joanna Manu (a farmer, community activist, and District Assembly representative from southwest Ghana) regarding fair and equitable land rights. Click for info.

And if you want to organize something too, see our webpage at 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We Be Jammin'

Across the country, Oxfam America supporters are taking part in the Oxfam Jam movement. Some Oxfam Action Corps are hosting Oxfam Jam events. For example, OAC New York City is having its second annual Oxfam Jam Benefit Concert. Check out this great article about the NYC event here.

Head over to to learn more about hosting an Oxfam Jam event or to search for an upcoming event.

Friday, February 6, 2015

What's it like to lobby?

The Oxfam Action Corps provides a unique opportunity for concerned citizens to share their concerns about global poverty and hunger to their elected officials. Action Corps organizers take part in lobby visits to their Senators and Representatives during the annual training in Washington DC, and lobbying efforts continue throughout the year in Action Corps cities by volunteers who share relevant information on policy positions or provide petition signatures.

A personal account of lobbying with the Oxfam Action Corps was recently posted on the Albuquerque blog by Kathy Chavez: 
To Right the Wrong of poverty we tackled Capitol Hill. That process turned into one of the most rewarding and exciting things I have ever done. Before becoming an Oxfam Action Corps Volunteer, meeting with members of Congress and the Senate seemed out of my reach.

Read more and see several photos on the Albuquerque OAC blog here.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Reminder: It's Time to Become an Action Corps City Organizer!

Hello Everyone!

Let's talk about Action Corps: it is awesome. Period. No two ways about it. And luckily, it is once again that great time to join this amazing group of individuals as an Organizer!

Check out our page for more information about our locations in 16 different cities, the job description, and the application! And look below at what other Organizers have said about their experiences...

"This is leadership in practice. You can't just read a book on leadership. You have to put it into practice." --Jill Mizell, Researcher, New York

"Oxfam Action Corps has given me a ton of confidence... Gaining knowledge and being able to speak to people about the issues." --Amy L., Business Operations Analyst, Des Moines

"This has become one of the best parts of my life... I can't express enough how satisfying it is to be organizing with people who are just as committed and dependable and passionate. It is so great to have the support from the Oxfam America staff, and I've been really impressed by their accessibility, competency and friendliness." --Isaac E., Educator, New York City

Ready to join them? Apply to be an organizer or if you aren't ready yet, consider volunteering with any Action Corps in efforts to help Oxfam fight hunger and social injustices! Remember, Oxfam is here to Right the Wrong so come join us! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Local action. Global change. Become an Oxfam volunteer!

It's time for annual recruitment of volunteers for the Oxfam Action Corps. If you are a new or returning volunteer, sign up is now available online - apply now. Applications are due on February 1.
For current organizers, I've pasted a letter from Brian below. Please feel free to copy and spread the word.

Letter from Brian:
Each day, I work with Oxfam volunteers, supporting community efforts to create global change through local action. Now is your chance to get involved!
Our Oxfam Action Corps volunteer leaders are based in 16 cities across the country and, in just the last year, they have helped change the world by:
  • Delivering reports and petitions to big food companies like Kellogg and General Mills to push them to stand up for farmers rights and fight climate change;
  • Visiting Congressional offices – in DC and in their hometowns – to advocate for poverty-fighting foreign assistance, lifesaving reforms to food aid policy, and more;
  • Mobilizing marchers at the People's Climate March in New York City;
  • Hosting Oxfam America Hunger Banquets, World Food Day Dinners, and other events to raise awareness about the global fight against poverty, hunger, and injustice;
  • Recruiting hundreds of new Oxfam supporters at concerts, music festivals, and other events;
  • ...and so much more.
We're looking for skilled volunteers of various ages and backgrounds for our free national training in Washington D.C., April 24-28, 2015. We also provide online training and opportunities to meet other volunteers in your city. If you have some organizing experience and a passion for global justice, we want you! This is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills with support from Oxfam staff and to take meaningful action locally to help change the world. Apply now >>
Our volunteers include people of all ages and backgrounds, including moms and dads, professors and students, nurses, pastors, bank tellers, tech experts, retirees, food workers, musicians and, yes, even rocket scientists! Here's what a few of them have said about their experiences:
"This is leadership in practice. You can't just read a book on leadership. You have to put it into practice." – Jill Mizell, Researcher, New York
"Oxfam Action Corps has given me a ton of confidence...Gaining knowledge and being able to speak to people about the issues." – Amy L., Business Operations Analyst, Des Moines
"This has become one of the best parts of my life...I can't express enough how satisfying it is to be organizing with people who are just as committed and dependable and passionate. It is so great to have the support from the Oxfam America staff, and I've been really impressed by their accessibility, competency and friendliness." – Isaac E., Educator, New York City
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me.
Thanks so much, and we looking forward to hearing from you.
Brian Rawson
Senior Advisor, Community Organizing
Oxfam America

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year activity

The end of one year and start of the next holds significance in many cultures across the world. As a child I enjoyed the television broadcast of New Year's celebrations as midnight occurred in sequential time zones. I also enjoy the start of a new year as a time to reflect on the last year and prepare for the next.

Recently the NYC Oxfam Action Corps held a potluck meeting with a New Year's activity. The post below was written by Elizabeth to share this activity with other Action Corps volunteers. 

NYC Resolutions

Submitted by Elizabeth Tillman

As the year draws to a close, it is important to look back on 2014 while also looking ahead to 2015. At our end of the year potluck celebration, our NYC Action Corps members were asked to do just that. They each reflected on this past year and took turns writing down their favorite Oxfam memories and highlights from 2014. They then set 2015 Oxfam Resolutions, all the things they’d like to either accomplish themselves (i.e. attend more meetings, be more involved this year) or help the group to accomplish (i.e. recruit more members).  We were then able to step back and see everyone’s praise recreate and illustrate the successful year that we’ve had, reminding people of all that has been accomplished and helping them to remember some points and events they may have forgotten. It’s our own Action Corps yearbook, a collage of what impacted us the most over the past twelve months. But no reflection would be complete without next turning attentions to the future. Each 2015 goal came together to help us map out a coming year, that hopefully, will far surpass this closing year. And even as the chalkboard is erased and our potluck celebration becomes just another Oxfam event past, we’ll have those highlights and goals to keep us on track and remind us of the work that we want to accomplish for Oxfam.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Connecting global and local issues

One of the challenges for Oxfam Action Corps outreach is to bring focus to the issues of hunger, poverty, and food at the global level. One approach is to make connections between local food-related advocacy and Oxfam's global work. An example of this was written recently by guest blogger Samantha Wittrock on the Oxfam Action Corps Des Moines blog (below). Samantha shares her experience at the Women, Food and Agriculture Network’s Annual Conference. This conference had many sessions highlighting the important roles women have in local and national concerns regarding food, agriculture, and the environment. These are the same important roles women around the world share.
On November 14th and 15th, I was fortunate to attend the Women, Food and Agriculture Network’s Annual Conference in Fairfield, Iowa. As I am interested in every aspect of the food system and my mom is considering a venture into sustainable farming, it was the perfect opportunity for us to meet and learn about women who are already deeply involved in this movement.

Read more on the Des Moines OAC blog here.